Friday, December 30, 2011

Davis Christmas

We had Christmas with Stephen's family the week before Christmas.  We had a morning brunch and it was SO good.  Aunt Liz made sure we had our sweets covered though.
Perfect little Christmas tree cookies!

Grandmommy giving Jillian a taste of monkey bread.

The kids played and laughed all morning!  My boy looks so old in this picture!  Jillian and look-a-like cousin Kymberly.


Baby girl.

Jillian and Grandpa.  She has him wrapped around her finger!!  He was feeding her every bite even though she is perfectly capable of eating on her own.  Stinker!  (he was loving it though.)

Eli opening his bowling set from Grandmommy.

Jillian holding tight to Uncle Scott.  She wasn't sure she liked Santa.

But Eli loved him!

Concentrating on opening her scooter!

Grandmommy opening her canvas of the kids on campus.  Sic 'Em!  (excuse the plastic wrapping)

The girl cousins in their tu-tus!  Jillian has been wearing hers every day!!  Thank you Aunt Carrie!

Carter and his Daddy.

Eli LOVES his scooter!

Someone was starting to lose it.
Sadly, we waited until the end to try and get a picture of all the cousins.  This was the best one. :(

More Christmas to come!

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Amy said...

I LOOOOOOVE the canvas!!! It turned out GREAT!!