Wednesday, December 28, 2011


A couple of weeks ago we dedicated Jillian and her life to the Lord.  It was a great day at church with our family!  We had been meaning to do it for a while.  She was so fussy as a baby that I was too nervous to do it then and we just hadn't gotten around to it.
Me and my boy before the service started.  The kids were CRAZY while waiting in the library!!  They ran all over the place and had to sit in every chair.

Luckily, they were perfect angels once we were in the sanctuary!  Here is the pastor talking to us after handing Jillian her little pink Bible.

She spotted the family sitting right up front!

Eli praying.  He has to work so hard to keep his eyes closed! :)

Special thanks to Aunt Liz for taking the pictures!

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