Monday, January 31, 2011


Jillian had so much fun visiting her friend Avery a couple of weekends ago.  We went to lunch and the girls really enjoyed their Cherrios.
Making a mess with their lunch.

Get a look at those teeth!

Miss Avery playing with one of Eli's balls.  Aren't her baby blues to die for??

The girls practicing their standing.

They really got a kick out of Eli's toys.

The girls passed toys back and forth...
Here are some videos of them playing together.  Can't wait to see how they play togther when they get older!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Here she comes!

Our baby is a CRAWLER!!  I'm a little late posting this, but I got some pictures and video of her new trick.  Excuse the nakedness...I think she had already been through two outfits that day and I wasn't willing to risk another. :)

"Here I go Mommy!"  And yes, we still have this pumpkin around - Eli LOVES it!

Crawling toward the bait!

I got it!

Funny girl

Crawling toward her "bait".

Brother distracted her for a second with the ball, but she kept her eyes on the prize.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Conversations with Eli

Mommy:  You're a sweet boy!
Eli:  No, I'm a Eli Davis

(in the car)
Eli:  Baylor Bears Fight!
Mommy:  Yes, B-A-Y-L-O-R Baylor Bears Fight!
Eli:   E-L-I    E-L-I    Baylor Bears Fight!

(We have been telling Eli not to say no to Mommy and Daddy)
Mommy:  No Eli.  That's not for you.
Eli:  Don't say no to Eli.
*DOUBLE sigh*

(when having a tea party with Jillian's tea set)
Mommy:  Mmmmm....Eli this tea is so yummy!
Eli:  Yes, it's delicious!


Friday, January 21, 2011

My Babies


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas Part 2

On Christmas Day we traveled to Arkansas to be with my family.  The kids had a great time opening their presents from Meemie & Papa!

Eli with his talking Woody toy.

Again, Jillian is a fan of the wrapping.

Eli opening his Alphie.  Anyone else have one of these growing up?  He loves it!

Big smiles for her new phone!

Eli LOVES to help me sweep and clean, so he was very excited about his new Dirt Devil cleaning kit.  He now has his own broom, dust pan, mop, duster, etc.  Hopefully he won't be so obsessed with mine now.

 Jillian trying to crawl up on her new purse.  This thing is SO cute!  It comes with a fat little lipstick, a mirror, a bracelet, a dollar bill, and keys.  It sings all kinds of fun songs and has a cute zipper on the front.  Jillian loves it but I think someone else has been playing with it too.  I frequently find Eli's new tools in the purse.

Meemie and her girl!

Bright eyes

Sharing a funny story!

Papa reading to Eli

Strolling at the mall.  One happy child, one sad child....typical. 

We took the kids to the square downtown to see the lights.  Happy girl.


Meemie & Papa

When Eli said he wanted to ride the pony, I was a little nervous.  I thought me might get upset once he actually got to sit on it, but he LOVED it!  He smiled the whole time and never acted nervous.  Our boy is growing up!

Our little family (minus Daddy who was at the bowl game.)

Meemie, Papa, & Jillian.  Eli was done taking pictures by this point.

Razorbacks make him cry.  lol

We went to a Chuck E Cheese type place one day.  Eli rode every little moving car they had.  Here he is in the ice cream truck.

And the fire truck.

And the dump truck.

And the boat.

Jillian and Meemie.

This was his favorite game.  We couldn't get him away from it.  It is smaller than all the other basketball games I have seen.  He was actually making lots of shots.

We had lots of fun Meemie and Papa!  See you next time!