Friday, December 30, 2011

Davis Christmas

We had Christmas with Stephen's family the week before Christmas.  We had a morning brunch and it was SO good.  Aunt Liz made sure we had our sweets covered though.
Perfect little Christmas tree cookies!

Grandmommy giving Jillian a taste of monkey bread.

The kids played and laughed all morning!  My boy looks so old in this picture!  Jillian and look-a-like cousin Kymberly.


Baby girl.

Jillian and Grandpa.  She has him wrapped around her finger!!  He was feeding her every bite even though she is perfectly capable of eating on her own.  Stinker!  (he was loving it though.)

Eli opening his bowling set from Grandmommy.

Jillian holding tight to Uncle Scott.  She wasn't sure she liked Santa.

But Eli loved him!

Concentrating on opening her scooter!

Grandmommy opening her canvas of the kids on campus.  Sic 'Em!  (excuse the plastic wrapping)

The girl cousins in their tu-tus!  Jillian has been wearing hers every day!!  Thank you Aunt Carrie!

Carter and his Daddy.

Eli LOVES his scooter!

Someone was starting to lose it.
Sadly, we waited until the end to try and get a picture of all the cousins.  This was the best one. :(

More Christmas to come!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


A couple of weeks ago we dedicated Jillian and her life to the Lord.  It was a great day at church with our family!  We had been meaning to do it for a while.  She was so fussy as a baby that I was too nervous to do it then and we just hadn't gotten around to it.
Me and my boy before the service started.  The kids were CRAZY while waiting in the library!!  They ran all over the place and had to sit in every chair.

Luckily, they were perfect angels once we were in the sanctuary!  Here is the pastor talking to us after handing Jillian her little pink Bible.

She spotted the family sitting right up front!

Eli praying.  He has to work so hard to keep his eyes closed! :)

Special thanks to Aunt Liz for taking the pictures!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Johnson Family

My sweet friend Amy wanted me to take some family pictures for her Christmas card.  Her two sisters were in town so we got some of all the cousins together too.  All the kids did great and the mommies were wonderful at keeping the kids happy and smiling!  I just love this family!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Visiting Santa 2011

We headed out on Black Friday to go see Santa.  We started doing this a couple of years ago because we figured with everyone out shopping that no one would be in line for Santa and it has worked out really well.  Unfortunately, this year Mommy was a little mixed up about what time Santa would arrive and we were there an hour early.
Eli did a great job waiting and was very happy to walk around the mall and look at Christmas decorations.

Little Miss was less than thrilled.

This is the front of the line waiting to see Santa.  Willow Bend does a great job of having lots of things for the kids to look at while they wait. 

Jilly's "cheese" face.

After a while we found the play area (thank goodness!!)  Jillian loved this tongue slide.  She would climb inside and stick her tongue out at me and give me a look like "how can I be sliding on a tongue?!?

There is a small room right before you see Santa that has "snow'' falling from the ceiling.  I'm not sure getting snow all over the kids right before taking a picture is the best idea, but they LOVED it!

Mrs. Claus was great!  She talks to the kids and puts them at ease before they see Santa.

Eli did great, as expected.  I promise he was happier than he looks in the picture.  He went right up to Santa and sat on his lap.  Jillian was unsure at first but after she saw brother sitting on his lap she decided to try it.  As soon as I stepped away she got upset and reached for me.  She did better than expected too.  I really thought she would scream!  :)

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