Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Eli!

Our sweet boy is four.  Unbelievable!  He is so much fun and is really growing up!   Eli is completely obsessed with sports!  Baseball is his favorite right now but we are in baseball season so that will probably change come football season.  We had a fun golf party for him and he was SO excited.  He asked for weeks if it was time for his golf party yet. lol  We are excited to see what this next year brings for our big four year old!

4 year stats:
Height: 43.25 inches | 95%
Weight: 39lbs. 12. oz | 75%

A look back...

And our big four year old...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jillian Turns 2!

Our girl is 2 years old!!  We had a great party and she loved all the attention!!  She is talking up a storm and has endless energy!  She has loved being in Mother's Day Out this year (even though it took a couple of weeks for her to go into her class without crying) and she is learning so many new things!  She knows can recognize all her letters and knows a lot of the sounds they make.  She knows her right from left, can count to 12, knows some shapes (square, triangle, circle, heart, star), and I think she is finally getting the hang of colors! :)  She loves to sing and dance, especially when we are in the car.  She also LOVES our dog and tortures her on a daily basis trying to get her to play.

We love you Jilly girl!

2 year stats:
Height : 36 inches | 98%
Weight : 26lbs 15oz | 50%

Looking back...

Monday, April 2, 2012

A Day At the Zoo!

Can you believe my children have never been to the zoo?  I know...I'm a terrible mother.  We have thought about going a lot, but it just seems to never happen.  I always want someone to go with me because it scares me to handle both of them at one of our crowded zoos by myself.  And we never want to go during summer because it is SO hot.  We were in Waco for a day during Spring Break and Amy suggested we take the kids.  The weather was perfect and the kids LOVED it!
We didn't bring the stroller to Waco so I though we should rent a wagon.  Clearly, Jillian did not want her picture taken.

 The animals were all out since it wasn't very hot.

This orangutan was super excited to see us!  He came right over to the window and put on a show for us!

What in the world could be so interesting you ask?

Meerkats of course!  All three kids were crazy about them!

Trying to see the lion.  Notice how well the wagon was working out. :(

They decided their favorite thing was to pull the wagon.  This is a rare moment when they were both pulling and not fighting over it.

Miss Avery trying to see the rhino!

Rhino and J's head to the right.  lol
The girls taking a break.  It lasted about 4.5 seconds.

She is so excited she managed to get the wagon away from brother!
Trying to get in the exhibit to hang out with the flamingos.
The giraffes were walking all over the place!

Avery and Eli pulling nicely. :)

Avery relaxin with a cracker!

Why does this lady keep taking my picture and where is my mommy??

Checking out the little monkeys.
These little guys were all over the place.  They kept running right up close to the glass and Jillian would squeal!  So fun!


Getting tired...time to go home and take a nap!
We loved the calm of the Waco zoo!  Even though it was spring break, it wasn't very crowded and the kids had a blast!  I'm sure we will be going back!