Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Daddy got Eli a new memory game.  We have been teaching him how to play and he caught on pretty quickly.  He always wants to find the match of the first card he turns over so he holds it in his hand until he finds it.  If he turns over other cards along the way that match, he will go back for them.  He is very good at remembering what each card is.
Here he is at the start of the game.

Turning over cards.

He found a match!

We tried a game with more cards.

Not a great idea.  He ended up sitting in the middle of it trying to find the other snake card.  He loves this game!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


We had a big weekend around here.  Stephen's birthday was Saturday and he turned the big 3-0.  We saw lots of family and friends this weekend which means I took lots of pictures!  Sadly, I didn't get very many of the birthday boy.  I think he purposely avoids me when I have my camera out.

We started off just hanging with some friends on Friday.  Jillian always loves to play with her BFF Avery.  I can't belive they will be one in less than two months!

Avery and Jillian loved playing with Eli's computer.

Look at those cheeks!  I just want to eat her up!

What a beauty!
Stephen wanted Babe's for his birthday lunch so on Saturday we headed up there with a bunch of friends. The food was great and the kids behaved (mostly.) We had cake at our house after while the kids played.
You can tell Jillian is going for something that isn't hers.  She wanted Avery's pacifier all weekend.  Good thing Avery is good at sharing and her momma isn't a germ freak.

My boy FINALLY wanted me to take his picture.  He has been very unwilling lately.  Here he is with his lovey and his fake smile.

The babies.  Jillian, Dean, and Avery.

The babies playing together.  I think Eli was trying to get his prized basketball before any of the little ones stole it.

"Uncle" Brett and Eli.

Chris, Brett, Derek, and Stephen.  Wish I had thought to take a picture before Scott and Sam left. :(

The Johnson family.

Dean clapping for his pretty momma.

On Sunday we had Stephen's birthday lunch with his family at his usual restaurant of choice, Red Lobster.

Baby girl entertaining herself.

Jillian playing with Grandmommy.

Cutest. Nephew. Ever.

Mr. Carter was happier than both of my kids at lunch.

Jillian and her Aunt Liz.

Jillian, cousin Kymberly, and Aunt Liz.

Sweet girl.

Uncle Scott helped with all the kids! 

Again, Eli finally asked to have his picture taken (fake smile still here.)  His favorite part is seeing it on the camera screen after I take it. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHEN!  We love you...even if you're thirty.  :)

Friday, February 18, 2011


Can my baby girl be ready for a ponytail already??

*sniff sniff*

Hopefully for her sake I get better at getting the rubber band in her hair.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

10 Months

Doesn't she look like such a big girl in that picture?  *Sigh*  Someone needs to slow down the next two months because we are not ready for her to be a year old.  This is such a fun age and she is doing so many new things.
Here is what Jillian is up to:
-She can pull up to stand and is very close to cruising.
-She can say mama, dada, and is working on bye bye and uh oh.
-Can find dada, big brother, or pita when I ask her where they are.
-Follows us everywhere!  She is such a fast crawler!
-LOVES to feed herself.  Her favorites are peas, carrots, corn, pears, cheese, and of course cheerios.  She tolerates bananas and blueberries. 
-Also loves to drink water out of her sippy cup.  She often finds brothers sippy cup on the floor and drinks it.  This does not make him happy.  lol
-She is doing a great job adjusting to her rough and tumble big brother.  He tackles her often but she only cries about half the time now.
-She still takes two naps a day and usually sleeps through the night.  She has been waking up some lately with what we think are night terrors.  She wakes up screaming and it takes a few minutes to calm her down but then she goes back to sleep.  Anyone else experience this?
-She is such a smiley and happy baby.  When she figures out how to turn on the music of one of her toys, she turns around and gives you a big smile.  You can tell she is so proud of herself.
-She has all four front teeth, wears size 4 diaper, 12 month clothes, and size 3 shoe.

She wouldn't stay still in your crib long enough to get a good picture.  I guess that pretty much sums up what she is like these days. :) 


Friday, February 11, 2011

New Toy!

Last weekend I finally got my Christmas present!  It went on sale and I used the gift cards from my wonderful family and got my beautiful new camera!!  I L-O-V-E it!  I'm practicing with it a lot, but still figuring out how it works.  Here are some of my practice shots.

Baby sister playing with the musical table.

Had to get one in of the puppy.  This is what she looks like all day long.

Sweet face!

Tired boy right after his nap.

Eli probably shoots his basketball a hundred times a day (or more!)

Getting distracted before taking a shot.

Playing soccer!

Daddy and his babies.

Play time!

She NEVER does this!!  And yes, that is a Cheerio on her face. :)

I was practicing my cupcake making for Jillian's birthday (yes, it's two months away.)  I think they turned out pretty good for my first try.

Eli definitely didn't care what they looked like.


Messy face!