Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Day!

Well, I was sick through the snow but Daddy took Eli out to have fun.  I'm better at being the picture taker anyway. :)  We got about five inches of snow and Stephen got four days off from school!  It was such crazy weather for Texas but I'm glad Eli got to see the snow.  He absolutely HATED it last year but his reaction this time was so different.  He and Stephen played outside for a long time.  Stephen had to drag him inside!

Eli was not shy at all this time around!  Pita, however, was a weenie and stayed on the porch most of the time.

Trying to make a snowball.

I don't think he really got the concept.  lol

Pita finally venturing out.

Stephen "writing" in the snow.  He started with a "B" and I thought he was going to write my name.  Turns out it is the interlocking BU.  :(

Eli about to throw a snowball down.

Eli and Daddy

Playing baseball in the snow.  Eli's idea of course.

Running the bases.

Eli in front of the house.  He was done for the day.

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