Thursday, March 31, 2011

1, 2, 3 strikes Mommy's out and 2010

A few videos for your enjoyment. :)

Daddy has been teaching Eli "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."  Eli loves the song and wants to sing it all the time.  He has most of it down but some parts still give him trouble. :)

Eli has been counting to 20 for a long time so we thought it was time for him to learn more.  Here he is counting to 2010.  It's so cute I can't tell him it's wrong.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Swimming in March!

Aunt Liz and Uncle Keith got a beautiful new pool during the winter months.  It has been ready for a while but hasn't been warm enough to swim yet.  After about a week of very warm weather, they decided to heat it up a bit so everyone could swim.  Eli was SO excited! 
Getting in tentatively.

Smiles with Aunt Liz.

Uncle Keith being crazy!

Cousin Krystyna following in his foot steps.

A hot tub built for a family...or two!   Don't wasn't heated very hot.  Just like bath water with bubbles, which Eli loved.

He would make this face and jump forward.  He just loves the water.

Baby sister was running a fever so she didn't get in.

But she tried out her new swimsuit and hat anyway.

She loves the swing.

Kymberly on the big float!

Sister trying desperately to get to the pool.

Diving to get the ball.  I just love these puddle jumpers (floaties.)  He doesn't mind wearing it and they work great!

We are looking forward to speding a lot of time at the Davis pool this summer!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Waco Weekend - Part 2

We had so much fun on Saturday helping the Fischers get ready for their baby boy!
Eli sneaking his sister a kiss before everyone arrived.

Eli steeling a sip of CJ's Dr. Pepper.

Cute decorations made by Lauren S.

Lauren S. & Candice who is due with baby Tate in September!

Jillian and Dean cooking with the kitchen.

We had great food!

And sweets!

Alan and CJ...the bun toasters!

Me and Lauren F.

Avery Grace and Jillian Jane.  I just love girls in blue!

Avery, Dean, and Jillian.  This is the best picture we got of the three of them.  They won't stay still for picture anymore.

Beautiful girls...Amy and Avery.

Pretty Mommy and her boy...Lauren and Dean

Avery decided she needed a nap on Dad-to-be Alan.  He is getting in some good practice being around all these kids!

The happy couple!  They are keeping the name a secret so we are all anxious for his arrival in June!

Eli couldn't help himself.  He loves anything wrapped in sports paper...even diapers! :)

They loaded up on goodies for their baby boy!

Jillian playing...with Avery's snack trap of course.

They guys played bocce ball out back. Eli wanted to get in on the action.

He got his own ball and would throw when it was his turn.  Eli would pick up his ball with the rest of the guys and cross to the other side of the yard to throw again.  So cute!

My girl

She LOVED this swing!

Dean playing with leaves.


CJ and his girl

The boys playing playstation.

Miss Avery about to take her nap in the swing.

Us. :) 

Poor Dean was a tired boy!