Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Swimming in March!

Aunt Liz and Uncle Keith got a beautiful new pool during the winter months.  It has been ready for a while but hasn't been warm enough to swim yet.  After about a week of very warm weather, they decided to heat it up a bit so everyone could swim.  Eli was SO excited! 
Getting in tentatively.

Smiles with Aunt Liz.

Uncle Keith being crazy!

Cousin Krystyna following in his foot steps.

A hot tub built for a family...or two!   Don't wasn't heated very hot.  Just like bath water with bubbles, which Eli loved.

He would make this face and jump forward.  He just loves the water.

Baby sister was running a fever so she didn't get in.

But she tried out her new swimsuit and hat anyway.

She loves the swing.

Kymberly on the big float!

Sister trying desperately to get to the pool.

Diving to get the ball.  I just love these puddle jumpers (floaties.)  He doesn't mind wearing it and they work great!

We are looking forward to speding a lot of time at the Davis pool this summer!!

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Amy said...

Looks like fun! Did you get in??? I LOVE J in her hat and swimsuit!! Adorable!