Thursday, March 24, 2011

Waco Weekend - Part 1

Last weekend we traveled to Waco for some fun and to shower Baby Fischer who is due to arrive in June.  We spent most of Friday watching basketball, watching babies, and getting ready for the shower.  We snuck in dinner and a baseball game as well.
Love baby girls in their PJ's!  They really wanted to help us in the kitchen.

I left Eli to finish his breakfast and came back about a minute later.  He had dumped all of Avery's puffs on his plate.  Sneaky sneaky!

Daddy putting shoes on.

After the boys left and Jillian was down for a nap, we took some pictures of miss Avery in her birthday outfit.  We had SO much fun!  Aren't her eyes gorgeous??

Don't you just love those cheeks!!

A shot of the whole outfit.  So cute!!  I got J a matching shirt for her birthday.  We ordered them from

Then we had to get some pictures in her Easter dress.  LOVE those feet!

Precious smocking!  And again...those cheeks!

Big smiles!

I can't remember why Eli wasn't wearing pants, but I love those bare little bird legs.

The girls playing.  They laugh at each other and are really starting to love playing together.

Pretty mommy and baby girl.

Friday night we had dinner at Taco Cabana.  For those of you who didn't go to Baylor, there are about a dozen fast food restaurants right across the highway from campus and Taco Cabana is one of them.  Brought back a lot of when Regan and I used to go get tortillas and queso late at night after studying freshman year.  So fun!

After dinner we look Eli to his first Baylor baseball game.  Here he is showing me his ticket!  He doesn't have a Baylor hat so he wore his Rangers hat.  Eli associates all baseball games with the Rangers so he yelled "Go Rangers" a lot.

He was SO excited!!!!!

Avery was pretty excited about the game too.  She was practically jumping out of her seat! :)

My little baby BIG boy!  Doesn't he look so old here????  *sniff sniff*

Cheering on the Bears!  He screamed and clapped for whoever was at bat.  He wasn't concerned with which team they were from.

Brett & Jamie

Sam & Tracie

Chris, Amy, & Avery

The weather was perfect!!  It was warm, but not too hot.  Even after the sun went down it was still nice.

Me and my boy.

Eli giving baby Avery a kiss.


TeamBortzfield said...

beautiful snaps Brit! Jimmy wants to know if you went to fat ho burger. He loves the name. I couldn't believe it was on the news yesterday.

~The Neaves Nest~ said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend:)