Monday, June 30, 2008

Blessed Baby Davis

On Saturday my wonderful small group threw a fantastic shower for Baby Davis! They did such a great job and we are so blessed to have such great friends! Thanks to everyone for the gifts and all the mommy advice!

Beautiful hostesses!

What a great tablescape, as Sandra Lee would say! :)
Love the cute duck outfits!
We are very excited about Baby Davis' new Baylor Gear! Thanks Jessica! I'm sure he/she will be wearing this to the first football game. If you love these cute creations go to to order your own!
What an adorable diaper cake!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Productive Saturday

On Friday night Stephen and his friend Brett decided they wanted to paint the family room on Saturday. I was so glad they were excited about starting this project but a little nervous that they were deciding this the night before. I'm not very good at picking out paint colors and it usually takes me about four or five tries to get the right color. But somehow we managed to get the right color the FIRST TIME! :) You cant imagine how happy this made us. I wish I had a "before" picture to show you but I didn't think about it in time (imagine a plain white room.) So, while I was out running errands and getting a massage, which I have had a gift certificate for since my birthday in April, the boys got to work. They did a fantastic job!

Here's Stephen demonstrating his painting skills.

Stephen loves that this color is called Chesapeake Sunset.

The finished product! Great job guys!

Long lost friends!

Last week Stephen and I went out to Fort Worth and met up with my good friend Patti, her husband Bradley, and their new son Joshua. We grew up together and have been friends since 2nd grade. We went to the same church, the same high school, and we were in each others weddings. Unfortunately, she lives in Tennessee now so we haven't seen each other in about three years. We had so much fun catching up and I loved meeting Joshua (they have two precious daughters that were back home with the grandparents.) We had yummy fajitas and enchiladas at Joe T. Garcias and I was so sad to say goodbye. Hopefully it won't be that long before we get together again.

Patti and me outside Joe T's.
Their sweet son of three weeks, Joshua McClain King.

Joshua slept the whole time. What a good baby! Won't be too many weeks before this is the scene at our house! :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Pudgy Pug

We took Pita to the vet last week and he informed us that she is 4 lbs. over weight. She started her doggie diet of half regular dog food, half green beans this week and she actually LOVES it! We have been taking her on more walks too, which she snorts and grunts her way through. Here is her "before" picture.
Hopefully in a few weeks we can post an "after" picture so she can show off her accomplishment! Unfortunately, she isn't going to get there by doing this all day...
This is what we found while we were getting ready for church Sunday morning. She loves that body pillow! (ignore the unmade bed) She lives such a spoiled life!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Couples Shower!

What a fun day! We headed over to the McPhail's house for a fun party for Baby Davis! The girls relaxed and talked for a bit while the boys, of course, played bocce ball. We thought the game might get rained out but after a short thunderstorm, the clouds parted and it ended up being bright enough that some of them got some sun. They also grilled some great chicken and salmon while they were out there so it wasn't a total loss for the women. :) There was also fruit salad, baked beans, and potato salad...all was delicious! After lunch, we opened the wonderful gifts that were brought for Baby Davis. We are blessed to have such thoughtful friends! Then we played a little baby game and had dessert. Yum!
Fischer, Stephen, Sam, Brett, Patrick, & Stuart

Amy, Tracie, Lauren, Kristin, & Me in my "Preggo Princess" shirt!

Sam, Stephen, Derek, & Tyler...they didn't really want to pose for this picture.

Stephen actually got to open some of the gifts. He is very excited about the diapers!

What a precious gift from Lauren...she is so creative! A picture of Baby Davis goes in the middle and the bottom says, "Every good and perfect gift is from above." James 1:17

What a thoughtful gift from CJ. Stephen is a HUGE Cardinals fan. This is the front and back views. Happy Father's Day!

The delicious and adorable cake! The top layer is chocolate and the bottom layer is vanilla.

Stephen and I playing the baby game. We had to determine what kind of poo "melted candy bars" were in each diaper. This game is not as easy as it sounds! We even cheated and worked together. Lets hope we have better luck dealing with real diapers. :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

It's Official...

I'm HOT! As someone who once considered herself a very cold natured person up until about two weeks ago, this is a very weird experience. I'm the one who always has a blanket with her on the couch, always sleeps with the covers up to her neck, and always takes a jacket when she goes out. I'm the first one at the office to get cold from the AC in the summer and the last one to warm up from the space heaters in the winter (we do not have central air and heat.) By the time I feel comfortable, my co-workers are sweating. This scenario plays out the same way at home. I'm usually telling Stephen it is too cold and covering up while he is pushing away the covers and sweating. This all changed about two weeks ago when I acquired what we now call the "pregnancy hots". Now I walk around the house in shorts instead of pants, I sleep with a sheet only if even that, and I blare the AC in the car for the duration of the trip, no matter how far it is. Poor Stephen is constantly trying to turn the thermostat up to try and save some money but I can't handle it when I'm here. I came home the other day and he was sitting in an 80 degree house with only a fan on to try and save money while I wasn't home. When I ask people if they are hot, they look at me like I'm crazy. Then they give me that smile that says aww, she's hot because she's cute! That is even more irritating that being hot in the first place. Is it so incredible to think that during summer in Texas someone else might actually be hot too? I don't mean to complain...I really have had a great pregnancy and I actually like most of what has come with being pregnant. I guess I'm just not very excited about having 8 more weeks of the pregnancy hots.


My wonderful friends and family threw a shower for Baby Davis two weekends ago (I realize I am already behind on blogging.) Everything was beautiful! We had some great food and cake, along with some not so great baby food...yuck! :) Baby Davis got some fantastic baby gear! He/She is so lucky to have so many people who care about him/her. (yes, the he/she, him/her thing is getting very old.) Thank you to all my friends and family!

My ultra creative sister-in-law did a fantastic job with the decorations!

Such a cute and DELICIOUS cake from a new bakery in Waco - Thanks Christine!


Fun baby gifts!

Stephen's favorite registry item, Penguin Bowling. I think it will be a while before Baby Davis will be able to play with this but Daddy can have fun now!

Everyone got to make onsies for Baby Davis using stensils and paint pens. I was so impressed with all the great artwork! Stephen especially liked the Baylor designs. What a great idea! - Thanks Katie!

Beautiful hostesses! Christine, Liz, Carrie, & Katie. You guys did an incredible job! Thank you so much!