Sunday, June 22, 2008

Productive Saturday

On Friday night Stephen and his friend Brett decided they wanted to paint the family room on Saturday. I was so glad they were excited about starting this project but a little nervous that they were deciding this the night before. I'm not very good at picking out paint colors and it usually takes me about four or five tries to get the right color. But somehow we managed to get the right color the FIRST TIME! :) You cant imagine how happy this made us. I wish I had a "before" picture to show you but I didn't think about it in time (imagine a plain white room.) So, while I was out running errands and getting a massage, which I have had a gift certificate for since my birthday in April, the boys got to work. They did a fantastic job!

Here's Stephen demonstrating his painting skills.

Stephen loves that this color is called Chesapeake Sunset.

The finished product! Great job guys!


BARring the alternative.... said...

I am sensing a career change. I believe Davis will venturing off to do consulting for Pottery Barn and appear regularly in "Interior Designing" with a column entitled, "Nantucket Seascapes and Crownmolding."

Matt said...

Wow. Almost looks as good as the paint job that Alan, Candace, and I did in my house. (just kidding. Looks good).