Monday, June 9, 2008


My wonderful friends and family threw a shower for Baby Davis two weekends ago (I realize I am already behind on blogging.) Everything was beautiful! We had some great food and cake, along with some not so great baby food...yuck! :) Baby Davis got some fantastic baby gear! He/She is so lucky to have so many people who care about him/her. (yes, the he/she, him/her thing is getting very old.) Thank you to all my friends and family!

My ultra creative sister-in-law did a fantastic job with the decorations!

Such a cute and DELICIOUS cake from a new bakery in Waco - Thanks Christine!


Fun baby gifts!

Stephen's favorite registry item, Penguin Bowling. I think it will be a while before Baby Davis will be able to play with this but Daddy can have fun now!

Everyone got to make onsies for Baby Davis using stensils and paint pens. I was so impressed with all the great artwork! Stephen especially liked the Baylor designs. What a great idea! - Thanks Katie!

Beautiful hostesses! Christine, Liz, Carrie, & Katie. You guys did an incredible job! Thank you so much!

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