Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009 - At Meemie & Papa's

We left for my parents house on Christmas Eve and it was a rough drive. It rained and was VERY windy. We made it there just before it started snowing and in time for a great mexican dinner! We told Eli that Santa was coming, but he was a little confused. I think he expected the bearded man to walk into the living room right then. He had no idea Santa would bring him gifts!Here is Eli checking out what Santa brought him!

Big smile for the little people farm. He loves telling us what noise the animals make.

Playing with his little people garage. I used to love this toy when I was little!

Pounding away! Bragging note: As soon as Eli hammered the stakes through, he turned it over and started hammering again. Isn't he so smart?!?! :)

Eli trying to pull a book out of his stocking without letting go of the little pig.

Daddy reading to Eli on Christmas morning.

Papa reading to Eli. If you can't tell...this kid LOVES to read.

It was FREEZING on Christmas Day but the snow had stopped falling so Daddy took Eli out to play. This is the only picture we got. Eli wasn't that impressed by the snow and was too cold to play.

Eli and Aunt Rachel helping out in the kitchen.

Meemie needed Eli's help wrapping this gift.

Unwrapping a big gift from Papa.

Wow! A handmade toybox!

Nice and deep for all his new Christmas toys!

Sitting on top! He can't climb up there by himself yet, but I'm sure he will soon!

Special note from Papa on the bottom!

Mommy reading Eli a book from Meemie & Papa

Eli kept putting this bow on his head and wanting me to take a picture. lol

Opening his truck with blocks from Meemie & Papa!

He wanted to dump all the blocks out and ride it.

I put this bow on him...isn't he adorable?? haha I'm still picking glitter out of his hair.

Eli getting the hang of opening.

Aunt Meredith and Eli being hams at dinner the day after Christmas.

Meemie and Eli in front of the tree.

Me and Meredith in front of the lights on the square.

Eli all bundled up. You can see he is wearing Stephens big gloves. It was SO cold and there was lots of snow and ice still on the ground.

My sweet boy was so cold! Look at his little red nose!

We had a great Christmas with both families! Looking forward to a great New Year!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009 - The Davis Clan

We had the Davis clan over for a Christmas celebration last week and everyone had so much fun! Eli wasn't quite sure what to do with all the excitement! He loved all his gifts and had fun opening them as well.What a cool ride on toy from Uncle Scott!
Big boy!

Pulling out the tissue paper was his favorite part!

Cookie Monster from Grandmommy!

Eli loves this 150 piece block set from Aunt Liz & Uncle Keith! His favorite thing is to dump all the pieces out and put them back in one by one!

Big smile for the Vtech toy from Aunt Carrie & Uncle Chris!

Eli loves puzzles. This one from Grandpa has sound too!

Eli was one tired boy by the end of the night. Thanks for all the cool presents family!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

We took Eli to see Santa on Saturday. We got there about 10 minutes before they opened and we were third in line, which I was so excited about! We tried to prepare Eli for Santa this year by reading books about Santa and showing him the picture of him with Santa from last year. I was a little worried that seeing Santa in person would be a much different experience, but he did pretty good.
Eli waiting patiently to see Santa!

The big Polar Express setup for the line to see Santa.

Santa got there a few minutes early and greeted the few of us in nice!!! Eli got to shake his hand, but was more excited about looking at Santa than touching him.

Eli loved all the decorations we walked through while in line. I highly recommend the set up they have at Willow Bend.

Not sure what to think about the fake snow.

The front of the Polar Express. This was inside a snow globe and they had snow falling from the ceiling!

Here is Eli with Santa last year. He had no idea what was going on. :)
Eli wanted to get down as soon as we put him on Santa's lap, but the girls taking the picture got him to sit still and smile. The pant legs drive me crazy but overall the picture is great! Doesn't the Santa look authentic??

Here is Eli waiting for his pictures afterward with his Polar Express brochure he got from Santa. He is flirting with the little girls standing next to him!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

What a look!

Eli has been making this face a lot lately. What do you think he is trying to tell us?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Stephen and I put up the Christmas Tree on Thanksgiving night. Eli wasn't sure what to think of it when he woke up the next morning. We kept telling him about the lights on the tree he was pointing to, but everytime we said lights he looked at the overhead light and gave us a confused look. I guess putting lights on a tree is kind of a crazy concept to a kid. Here is Eli checking out the tree.

Eli also found his stocking (made my Meemie!) Luckly, he has pretty much been leaving it alone since then. He does, however, like to walk underneat the stockings and let them hit his head.

With Eli being as curious of a little guy as he is, we decided it would be best to only put ornaments on the top half of the tree where his curiousity couldn't get the better of him. It might look a little funny, but I really wasn't up for spending the next five weeks policing
the tree 24/7.