Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009 - At Meemie & Papa's

We left for my parents house on Christmas Eve and it was a rough drive. It rained and was VERY windy. We made it there just before it started snowing and in time for a great mexican dinner! We told Eli that Santa was coming, but he was a little confused. I think he expected the bearded man to walk into the living room right then. He had no idea Santa would bring him gifts!Here is Eli checking out what Santa brought him!

Big smile for the little people farm. He loves telling us what noise the animals make.

Playing with his little people garage. I used to love this toy when I was little!

Pounding away! Bragging note: As soon as Eli hammered the stakes through, he turned it over and started hammering again. Isn't he so smart?!?! :)

Eli trying to pull a book out of his stocking without letting go of the little pig.

Daddy reading to Eli on Christmas morning.

Papa reading to Eli. If you can't tell...this kid LOVES to read.

It was FREEZING on Christmas Day but the snow had stopped falling so Daddy took Eli out to play. This is the only picture we got. Eli wasn't that impressed by the snow and was too cold to play.

Eli and Aunt Rachel helping out in the kitchen.

Meemie needed Eli's help wrapping this gift.

Unwrapping a big gift from Papa.

Wow! A handmade toybox!

Nice and deep for all his new Christmas toys!

Sitting on top! He can't climb up there by himself yet, but I'm sure he will soon!

Special note from Papa on the bottom!

Mommy reading Eli a book from Meemie & Papa

Eli kept putting this bow on his head and wanting me to take a picture. lol

Opening his truck with blocks from Meemie & Papa!

He wanted to dump all the blocks out and ride it.

I put this bow on him...isn't he adorable?? haha I'm still picking glitter out of his hair.

Eli getting the hang of opening.

Aunt Meredith and Eli being hams at dinner the day after Christmas.

Meemie and Eli in front of the tree.

Me and Meredith in front of the lights on the square.

Eli all bundled up. You can see he is wearing Stephens big gloves. It was SO cold and there was lots of snow and ice still on the ground.

My sweet boy was so cold! Look at his little red nose!

We had a great Christmas with both families! Looking forward to a great New Year!


The Mills Gang said...

Love that toy box! That is so special and something I bet you guys will have forever. Happy New Year!

TeamBortzfield said...

he is so smart, and so pretty with a bow! What a wonderful toy box, how in the world did you get everything back to your house?