Saturday, December 5, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Stephen and I put up the Christmas Tree on Thanksgiving night. Eli wasn't sure what to think of it when he woke up the next morning. We kept telling him about the lights on the tree he was pointing to, but everytime we said lights he looked at the overhead light and gave us a confused look. I guess putting lights on a tree is kind of a crazy concept to a kid. Here is Eli checking out the tree.

Eli also found his stocking (made my Meemie!) Luckly, he has pretty much been leaving it alone since then. He does, however, like to walk underneat the stockings and let them hit his head.

With Eli being as curious of a little guy as he is, we decided it would be best to only put ornaments on the top half of the tree where his curiousity couldn't get the better of him. It might look a little funny, but I really wasn't up for spending the next five weeks policing
the tree 24/7.

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LIL MAMA said...

lol, that is an awesome idea, lol.
my kiddos for their first years, made my december days all about re-decorating the tree everyday, lol