Monday, April 20, 2009

9 Months!

Our baby boy turned 9 months old on Saturday! I feel like I say this every month but time is really flying by! He is going to be one year old before long. *sniff sniff* Eli went on his first plane ride this past weekend to Meemie & Papa's and he did great! It was only an hour each way and he got pretty fussy as we landed both times so I think an hour is about all he can take of planes right now. The good news is no one sat next to me so we had an extra seat for him to play! Here are 9 things we love about our 9 month old! (in no particular order)

-He is SO ticklish!! Tummy, neck, legs, sides, doesn't matter where you touch him, he is always laughing!
-He is becoming very mischievous! Since he has been crawling and pulling up for a little over a month now, he is drawn to anything and everything he isn't supposed to touch...fireplace, outlets, cords, Pita's toys, the drawer under the stove, Pita's food & water bowl, etc. The list goes on and on.

-He talks...A LOT! I guess he takes after his Mommy. :) He repeats da-da and ba-ba after us, but doesn't really know who da-da is. If we yell, he lets out a yell too. He also yells into things, like his toys. So cute!

-As much as he hated it at first, he absolutely LOVES bath time. I think he could play in the water all day long and wouldn't even care when it gets cold. I think I need to get this boy started on some swimming lessons. :)

-He is such a flirt!!! I'm sure I will hate this as he gets older, but it is so cute right now! He is always smiles at random women. Just this past weekend he couldn't take his eyes off our waitress. Every time she came over to our table he grinned from ear to ear. What can I say? He just loves the ladies!

-He loves to be outside! If he couldn't be in the bath tub all day, I think his next favorite thing would be to stroll or swing outside. He loves going on walks in the stroller, but we have recently discovered that we have to avoid a really big barking dog in our neighborhood because Eli is now afraid of him. We have walked past the backyard where this dog resides many times and the dog always goes crazy, but today Eli screamed and cried when the dog barked. :( Guess we need a new route!
- He (still) loves his puppy Pita! Although he is becoming less fond of her barking, he now chases her around the house, trying to pull on her tags. I guess he figured out that is where the jingling noise is coming from. Pita runs over to a toy we have thrown, and Eli crawls after her. If she doesn't immediately pick up the toy, Eli gets it and her game is over.

- He gets a look of great accomplishment when he does something new. He gives us a huge grin that says he is so proud of himself. It is so cute that he already has that look of accomplishment thing down.

- He is SO easy going! (especially compared to when he was a newborn!) It feels like just yesterday we couldn't take him places for very long because he was so fussy, but now he pretty much only gets upset if he is hungry or tired. And lets face it, we all get upset if we are hungry or tired so can anyone really blame him? I love how portable he has become! :)
9 Month Stats:
22 lbs. 9 oz. - 80%
30 1/4 in. - 95%
Verdict: He's gonna be a giant

Now for the pics...

Lovin those blueberries!

Eli loves basketball, just like Daddy!

Getting into everything!


What a boy!

Crawling under his exersaucer

First plane ride!

Playing piano with Aunt Rachel! She played his favorite...Wheels On the Bus!


I'm such a blog slacker! Seems like Easter was forever ago and I haven't even posted about it yet. *Sigh* Well, we were all kind of sickly that weekend, which also happened to be my birthday. I'm not sure what it is with us and holidays but all three of us were really sick on Stephen's birthday, then sick again on Easter and my birthday. I think everyone should probably stay away from us for Memorial Day.
Anyway, Stephen stayed home from church with Eli and I went to serve in the nursery. LOTS of babies that morning. Then we went over to Stephen's brothers house for a wonderful lunch with his family. Here are the pics...
Easter picture!

Playing in his new outfit.

Mommy & Eli

Eli getting into his Easter basket

His new Bible stories book

Family picture! Eli didn't look at the camera in any of the pictures.

Davis Men (with Eli looking at Daddy)

The Davis Family (minus Eli who was napping)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Meemie & Papa come to visit!

My parents came in town a couple of weekends ago and had a blast with Eli. Here are the pictures!Waiting at the restaurant with Papa, Uncle Marty, & Uncle Chad

Eating with Meemie

He wasn't thrilled with the slide, but didn't hate it either. :)

Meemie playing with Eli. He LOVED the swing!

Laughing at Meemie!

Looking at his shadow :)

Smiling for the camera! (and reaching for it!)

Daddy & Eli sliding

Eli playing with his uncles

Meemie, PaPa, & Eli!