Monday, April 20, 2009


I'm such a blog slacker! Seems like Easter was forever ago and I haven't even posted about it yet. *Sigh* Well, we were all kind of sickly that weekend, which also happened to be my birthday. I'm not sure what it is with us and holidays but all three of us were really sick on Stephen's birthday, then sick again on Easter and my birthday. I think everyone should probably stay away from us for Memorial Day.
Anyway, Stephen stayed home from church with Eli and I went to serve in the nursery. LOTS of babies that morning. Then we went over to Stephen's brothers house for a wonderful lunch with his family. Here are the pics...
Easter picture!

Playing in his new outfit.

Mommy & Eli

Eli getting into his Easter basket

His new Bible stories book

Family picture! Eli didn't look at the camera in any of the pictures.

Davis Men (with Eli looking at Daddy)

The Davis Family (minus Eli who was napping)

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KarenD said...

You all look so Eastery! I love Eli's outfit... of course, I chose an argyle pullover sweater for Ian, too!