Friday, April 29, 2011

Busy Day

Yesterday we took a little trip and met some friemds for lunch and play time!  The kids did great on the hour drive and they just love getting to see "Baby Avery" and "Miss Amy!" 
We got there early so the kids could play for a while without a bunch of other kids in there.  Avery had no fear on that slide!

Do you think she liked it? :)

Both girls had fun trying to climb up the slide.  I think Avery almost got to the top!

Jillian showed off her walking skills.

When a girl came in the play area who was about ten years old and blazed past Jillian with her brother following behind her while kicking Jillian in the face, we decided it was time to eat.  We (Amy and I) weren't ready to go home yet so we went over to Target with our tired babies.  We scored big on clearence kids clothes and 50% off Easter candy.  Very productive trip! :)
Jillian in her big girl carseat!  She LOVES facing forward!  She slept almost the whole way home.

Then we went home and learned body parts from the puppy.
And we read.

And we sorted shapes.  She LOVES this toy!

And we watched brother...

He was being silly (with bat in hand!)

We had a great time playing Avery!  See you soon!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Walking and Hitting

That's what we've been up to lately.... 
A little wobbly still but getting the hang of it!

Three hits in a row while also keeping an eye on the Rangers game.  Like father like son.

He knew I was taping him and wanted to see his batting skills. :)

Watch out baby sister!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a low key Easter around here.  We went to church and then had brunch at a little restaurant in downtown Wylie.  The kids were pretty good at lunch and then we all came home and took naps!  Can't remember the last time that happened!! :)  Here are some pics from our quiet day.
The kids checking out their Easter baskets.

Eli loves his recorder.

Attempting to get a decent picture before church.  Sister was not in a picture taking mood at all. 

This is what she does when she doesn't want to stand up.  She must have some serious stomach muscles because she does this a lot and for long periods of time.

Finally standing so you can (sort of) see her dress.

Same face.  It was about to pour down rain so the sky was pretty dark.
Sister still not wanting her picture taken but Eli smiling nicely for the camera.  This is opposite of normal.

My big boy!


Sister stopped fussing long enough to stand for this shot.

She was much happier after her nap!  Notice her after nap hair. :)

This one is from my phone so the quality is not great, but they are actually both smiling so it's the best one of the two of them together.  They are on the porch of the restaurant downtown.  I just love the chair!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Virginia Trip

Last weekend I traveled to Virginia with my mom and dad to visit family and celebrate my cousins wedding.  It was the first time I was away from Jillian but she and brother did great!  I took LOTS of pictures but here are a few.
On Friday we had a great lunch at the Victorian Station Tea Room to honor Jacci and her wedding party.

Jeri, Jacci (the bride), and me.
The bridesmaids.

Mom and Mary Sue.  They have been friends forever!

Saturday morning we had breakfast at Cracker Barrell with an assortment of family.  James, Brennan, Me, Aunt Jana, DeAnn, Mom, & Dad.

Mom and Dad before the wedding.

The cake!

Party favors!

The first dance.  Beautiful!
Daddy daughter dance.

Lots of dancing going on! :)

Me and Jeri.

Mama and daughters dancing!

Me with the bride.

Running to their car while being showered with the classic bird seed.  We almost got showered on for real.  There were terrible storms and tornados that night.

Sunday morning we went to visit my grandfather.  He doesn't really remember us but stilll likes to visit.

Mom at the end of Aunt Jana's pier.

Siblings.  Aunt Jana, Uncle Michael, and Mom.

Me with my cousin Jessica.  She turned fifteen while we were there and, as you can see, she is almost as tall as me.  She is also a superstar basketball player.  Maybe she will go to Baylor!! :)

Aunt Jana, Jessica, Brennan, and Uncle Brian.

We went to dinner for Jessica's birthday and got a picture of all the cousins that attended (we were missing seven)  Ross, Michael J., Jessica, me, James, and Brennan.

On Monday before heading to the airport, we went down to Virginia Beach for a while.

Mom and Dad.

For the hubby! :)

The beach and boardwalk.  It was Spring Break for some of the kids there.

Mom and Me. :)

I don't think mom could leave without eating on the beach.  Of course, they had seafood.

Me and Mom.

We had a great time and already miss our family!  And the beach!! :)