Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cousins who lunch

Aunt Liz invited us over for lunch today.  We had a great time visiting with all our cousins.  Krystyna and Kymberly got to come home early from school and baby Carter was there too!
Jillian eating lunch.

Carter loved his peas.  Jillian loves them too.  I'm not a fan.

Shy Krystyna finishing her homework.  She is such a good student!

Jilllian wouldn't stop playing with the blinds on the back door.

Eli with his favorite toy!  He marches around and pretends he is in a marching band.

Carter is such a good baby.  He just chillled and watched his cousins the whole time.

Sister having her turn with the drum.

He loves football already. :)

Jillian just loves playing with Kymberly.

We attempted to get a good picture of all five cousins.  These are the best ones.  Miss Jillian is being a ham.

Eli walked around with his hand on his hip and talked on the little pink cell phone.  I have no idea where he gets that from. (daddy!) :)

Jilllian already picking up on the cell phone thing too.  Even if she doesn't have a phone, she puts her hand up to her ear and says hello when I'm on the phone.  Silly girl.

We had a great time Aunt Liz!!

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TeamBortzfield said...

So Cute~ Love the new big pictures!