Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Saturday evening we went over to the park in Downtown Wylie.  It's not very big but has enough to keep the kids busy for a while.
My big boy.

Surprisingly, sister was happy in her stroller for a while.  She is so mobile now she usually wants to be on the go like her brother.

Eli running for a touch down.  Yes, that is a pumpkin on his head.  Yes, he has been wearing it as a helmet everytime he plays football since Halloween.  Yes, we have failed at getting him to use a real helmet (bike helmet.)  I'm sure other parents look at him and wonder what in the world he is doing.  lol

Tackling Daddy.

See her hair curling up on the sides?  Her hair always does this after her nap.  I love it.

This girl loves to swing!!

So does he.  It wasn't that hot but his little cheeks are so red!

He loves to go really high!

Climbing the tall slide like a big boy.

A REAL smile!!  He is proud of himself and excited about sliding.

Tired boy ont he way home.

On Sunday we met the family to celebrate birthdays at lunch.  Somehow I only managed to get pictures of my sweet four month old nephew.
Grandpa and Carter.

Eli finished the day with a little baseball.  These days he usually starts the day with baseball too.  He has three bats, a glove, a baseball hat, and countless balls.  We can't even get through breakfast before he is asking me to pitch to him.  It's going to be a long baseball season.
Our rookie.  We think he's going to be a lefty.

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