Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Last week while Stephen was on Spring Break we took the kids to the Dallas Arboretum.  Grandpa came with us and we were sure glad he did.  We didn't realize all of Dallas would be there on Tuesday.  By the time we got there, the parking lot was full so we had to park a couple of blocks away and ride the shuttle over to the Arboretum.  I was a little nervous when I saw the word "shuttle."  I was picturing out of commission school busses.  We had both kids, a very full diaper bag, my camera bag, some sandwiches from Subway, a small cooler with drinks, a small lunch box with Eli's lunch, and the double stroller.  Luckly, the "shuttle" was actually a charter bus.  They put everyone's strollers down below and somehow we managed to carry everything else.

After a rude encounter with the ticket lady who was very confused by our two for one ticket we picked up at Capital One, and changing J's dirty diaper (which according to her screaming is the worst pain she has ever felt), we were on our way.  Once we were inside, we really didn't feel like it was too crowded.  There were lots of families and kids, but the walkways weren't over crowded at all.

I know this is expected when you go to the Arboretum, but everything really was just so beautiful! 
There were tulips EVERYWHERE!!  They are my favorite flower so I took lots of pictures of them, but I'll spare you and just show a few.
L-O-V-E these colors!!!!!

They had a small petting zoo set up and LOTS of kids inside.  Eli loves animals and ran over to get in line.  Here he is waiting his turn to go into the petting zoo.  He kept calling this a reindeer.

There were lots of goats a sheep, and a rabbit.

Petting the very large sheep.

They had brushes out for the kids and Eli loved brushing the animals.

Petting the rabbit.

They are having a fairytale castles exhibit right now. This is someone's cottage but I can't remember who it supposedly belonged to.

Exploring the cottage.

I love this picture.  It's his real smile. :)

Eli smelling the flowers.  I stood really close in case he tried to pick one. :)

Mommy & Eli

The Beauty and the Beast castle.  There were lots of other castles too, but this was the only one I got a picture of.

Eli with the Beast.

Little miss was fussy for a while since she skipped her nap.  Crackers made it all better.

The boy loves grapes!

We brought sandwiches for lunch and were lucky to find a table close to a couple of the castles.  Eli would take a bite and run off to play.  Stephen and I took turns tracking him down.

We should have just brought the single stroller because Eli walked most of the time.  He had fun exploring but we had to watch him like a hawk!
Grandpa and Eli

A boy and his Dad...looking at the fish.

Three generations: Grandpa, Daddy, Eli

Family picture.

Jilly girl four ways.  I just loved the colors of these tulips!

Jillian was so concerned with the flowers around her that I couldn't get her to look at me for a picture.  A lady passing by stopped and tried to get her to look and smile.  It worked!

Right before we left we attempted to get a good shot of both kids with the flowers.  Both were WAY too interested in what was going on around them.  Eli kept screaming "CHEESE" even though he wasn't looking a the camera.  This is the best one we got.

We asked Eli to give sister a kiss.  He tried a couple of times but she wouldn't look his way.  This time, he got her!
We had a great day, but I won't be taking the two of them by myself anytime soon!

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Adams Plus One said...

I love tulips. Great pictures! It looks like that is a great place to visit as a family.