Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Grandmommy took Eli to buy all the canned goods needed to fill grocery bags for some families that needed food for Thanksgiving.
He got distracted at first and bought mommy a poinsettia.

But then he got right to work.  Each bag had a list of items that needed to go in that bag, so Grandmommy would tell Eli what they needed and he would find the right food.

He was very good at finding each food and counting how many we needed to fill the three bags.  We found green beans, carrots, yams, beans, mac & cheese, tuna, chicken, cake, and frosting.

Fake smile at the register.

Then we went to Grandmommy's church that night to deliver the food and have a pre-thanksgiving dinner.  He liked putting his bags of food on the steps with the others.  He kept telling me the food was for the families. :)  Sweet boy!

Caught red handed.  He found the pie before we even got dinner.

Sister high-fiving Uncle Scott.

Little poser.

Thankful we have family that help teach our little ones about giving!  Thanks Grandmommy!

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