Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Visiting Santa 2011

We headed out on Black Friday to go see Santa.  We started doing this a couple of years ago because we figured with everyone out shopping that no one would be in line for Santa and it has worked out really well.  Unfortunately, this year Mommy was a little mixed up about what time Santa would arrive and we were there an hour early.
Eli did a great job waiting and was very happy to walk around the mall and look at Christmas decorations.

Little Miss was less than thrilled.

This is the front of the line waiting to see Santa.  Willow Bend does a great job of having lots of things for the kids to look at while they wait. 

Jilly's "cheese" face.

After a while we found the play area (thank goodness!!)  Jillian loved this tongue slide.  She would climb inside and stick her tongue out at me and give me a look like "how can I be sliding on a tongue?!?

There is a small room right before you see Santa that has "snow'' falling from the ceiling.  I'm not sure getting snow all over the kids right before taking a picture is the best idea, but they LOVED it!

Mrs. Claus was great!  She talks to the kids and puts them at ease before they see Santa.

Eli did great, as expected.  I promise he was happier than he looks in the picture.  He went right up to Santa and sat on his lap.  Jillian was unsure at first but after she saw brother sitting on his lap she decided to try it.  As soon as I stepped away she got upset and reached for me.  She did better than expected too.  I really thought she would scream!  :)

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