Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas in Arkansas - Part 1

We started out our visit to Meemie and Papa's house with some baking.

Poor Meemie trying to help both kids cut out cookies.  They loved helping but made a big mess!

What a ham!

Eli helping Meemie roll out the dough.

Time for drum lessons from Papa!

Jillian and Aunt Rachel.

We went to the square in Fayetteville to see the lights.  It was so cold!!

Aunt Rachel and Josh.

Aunt Meredith and Eli.
Eli with Meemie and Papa.

Eli loved riding the horses!!

Eli riding on Uncle Marty's shoulders.

This was the best family picture we could get.  I don't know why I always wait until the end of an outing to try and get a picture of the family.  You would think I would know better.

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