Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas in Arkansas - Part 2

I got a few shots of the kids before the Christmas Eve service.

They were actually happier than usual to pose for me.  Daddy helped me get some smiles.

Jilly and Aunt Meredith after church.

Eli leaving milk and cookies for Santa!  Daddy helped him write the note.

I just love Christmas PJ's!  They were getting fussy by this point and not really wanting to get together to take a picture.

Christmas morning!

Cooking breakfast in their new kitchen from Santa!  This was the first year Eli really understood that Santa brought him what he asked for.  So fun!

Sweet girl...and her CRAZY hair...checking out her new matching game.

Eli said, "Santa ate my cookies!!"

Stocking goodies!

Jilly got a lot of dress up stuff in her stocking.

She loves to load up with all her accessories.  Bracelets, necklaces, gloves, sunglasses, shoes...she wants to wear everything at the same time!

Time for presents!

Eli's new book from Aunt Meredith.  He has it memorized already.

Eli was SO excited about his new drum from Papa!  He plays it everyday and even sometimes shares with sister.

Sister and her new shopping cart from Meemie and Papa!  She put her new baby in front.  So cute!

We had a wonderful Christmas and the kids are having a great time with all their new gifts!  Thanks family!


Tiffany said...

So cute. I particularly love Jillian's crazy hair - seriously. So cute!

KarenD said...

Hey! We got the same play kitchen for Christmas over here! Jillian looks like such drama (but fun) she could really give Seth a run for his money! Glad yours was merry!