Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rough Riders

Last week we took Eli to the Rough Riders game for his birthday (without sister.)  He is SO good at baseball games and is very interested in watching the game.
Daddy and Eli walking in.

Getting his ticket scanned.  He loves holding his ticket.

Eli got his picture with one of the players!

Behind home plate before the game started.

Stephen's friend Scott let Eli play on the field before the game.

The wind-up.

The pitch!

Daddy and Eli in the dugout.

Eli the catcher.

Time to read the program.

Eli & Daddy - July 2011

Eli & Daddy - July 2010

Eli's first dip-n-dots. 

Eli and Mommy.

It was really hot still and the game was moving a little slow so we decided to leave in the 7th inning.  Eli was great the whole time! 

Eli got to play this game and throw a few pitches.  The fake catcher was a little too far back but Eli still had a great time.  He can't wait to go back!

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