Monday, July 18, 2011


I feel like this was just yesterday.

We can't believe our little boy is three-years-old!!
Eli is so fun to hang out with at this age!  He constantly asks questions and must have a great memory because he almost always remembers our answers.  He LOVES, baseball, and football are his favorites but he also likes soccer and golf.

He loves to play with and chase his sister but is also really starting to like doing activities without her.  He likes doing flash cards, playing memory, and playing with play-doh.  He also loves to read and play drums.

Eli loves to wrestle with his Daddy (or sister, or Pita.)  Sometimes he gets a little too rough with baby sister.  He also loves to listen to Daddy's country music when they ride in the truck together.  Eli and Daddy also watch sports together and Eli will cheer for whatever team they are watching (Go Rangers, Go Mavericks.)  He is definitely Daddy's boy but sometimes he still wants Mommy to hold him, which I love!

Eli did great at his three year well visit!  It was the first time he got to use the stand up scale like a big boy and stand by the wall to check his height.  After that they checked his blood pressure.  He sat on the table with is bottom lip out trying so hard not to cry.  So cute!!  He was also really brave when they pricked his finger to get blood.

We can't wait to see what fun things year four brings!

Three Year Stats:
Height:  39 1/2 inches - 97%
Weight: 34 3/4 lbs. - 75% 

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