Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend!

We started our weekend by swimming with Grandmommy!

Jillian is very fond of drinking pool water from buckets.

My little fish.

Eli loves to be thrown.  I wonder if J will be as fearless.

Silly Jilly.  A rare moment of happiness in her float.  She really wants to be able to swim around like brother.

Eli's favorite thing...jumping in with Daddy!

Baby girl was done with swimming so she thought she would garden a bit.
Strutting her stuff with a death grip on Daddy's sunglasses.

After swimming we had one of Stephen's favorites for lunch, Burger House.

We actually went swimming with Grandmommy July 4th weekend last year too so I thought I would do a little comparison.
   July 2010                                                                     July 2011

July 2010                                                                       July 2011

Monday we played outside with Grandpa and I took lots of pictures!

We had a great weekend!  It might take a couple of days to recover! :)

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Amy said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! Your kids have grown up so much this past year! I can't wait to see them! And, I love, love Jillian's 4th of July outfit!!!