Friday, July 8, 2011

A First

This is our boy.  He was SOOO excited to be going to his first Rangers game!

Daddy, Eli, and Grandpa about to head out to Arlington!

Grandpa and Eli at the home of the Texas Rangers.

Looks like Eli is telling some kind of story.  I'm sure it was about baseball.

Taking it all in!

Sweet boy trying to smile in the sun.

Grandpa, Uncle Chris, and a very distracted Eli.  Daddy said he kept his eyes on the field the whole time!

That ice cream is as big as his head!  And he is still talking about it.

Uncle Chris and Eli with ice cream face.

Daddy and Eli (and his fake smile.)  Eli loves his new shirt, bat, and baseball cards...thanks Uncle Chris!

Eli took his turn batting.  He hit the ball off the tee five times.

Here's a little video of the last hit.

Looking up at Nolan.

Tired boy.  He stayed awake all the way home and had to tell me all about it before he went to bed.  He is still talking about it two days later.  I think he will be going back very soon!

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