Monday, August 1, 2011

15 Months

Can you believe our sweet girl is 15 months old??  Time is really flying by.  Seems like just yesterday I was writing this post about her big brother turning 15 months.  It is so fun to see her learning new things.  Big brother teaches her a lot too.

15 Month Stats:
Height: 33 1/4 inches  - 99%
Weight: 22 lbs. 11 oz.  -  50%
(she only gained one pound in the last three months but grew two inches!)
Here is what our girl is up to:
-She can point to her nose, mouth, eyes, ears, and hair.
-She knows what the doggie and kitty cat say.
-Words she says: Momma, Dada, hi, eyes, mouth, nose, done, more, water, meow, ruff-ruff, no, hello, alright, wee (when sliding), shine, all, town. (last three are from songs.)
-Favorite songs are Wheels on the Bus, Jesus Loves Me, If You're Happy and you Know It, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, This Little Light of Mine, I'm a Little Teapot.
-She can sign 'more' and 'all done.'
-She recognizes lots of toys and will go get them when asked, including book, baby, car, ball, paci, blanket, water, and shoes.
-She LOVES to be outside and gets very frustrated if the door is opened and she can't go out.
-The doctor said this should be the height of her seperation anxiety and I sure hope so!  She always wants me to hold her and hates when I leave the room!
We love you little Jilly!

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