Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Conversations with Eli

At first this happened without us prompting him for the answers.  Now he says this all the time. :)

Mommy: "Who's sweet boy are you?"
Eli:  "Mommy's sweet boy!!"  (followed by lots of laughter)
Daddy:  "Who's the man?"
Eli:  "Daddy's the man!!"

When we pass the cows on the way to the grocery store...
Mommy: "Eli, say hi to the cows."
Eli: "Hi cows!  It's good to see you!"
Mommy: "Are the cows eating?"
Eli: "Yes, eating ice cream!"


1 comment:

TeamBortzfield said...

so funny what they say, I love the words but the tone they use to, spot on!