Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Day!

Today was our first day at home!  Eli is has a terrible allergy nose so we just laid low today.  I decided to take as many pictures of our day as possible.  So here's what we did today!

We started early with a bang.  Just in case you were wondering, Eli doesn't just wake up this way.  It is his "happy face."

We had breakfast.  Eli insisted on the animal crackers.  *sigh*

We played musical instruments.  Eli chose the wisk and wooden spoon himself!

We sat in time out before we were even out of our pj's.  Also called the doctor about Eli's allergies and changed three dirty diapers before 9am. :)

We read lots of books.

We played together!

We ate lunch!  ("happy face" again)

We kept up with the dishes!!!!!!!!!  Can I get an Amen????  :)

We got in our car seats...

So we could run errands!

 Hubby sent me the most beautiful "Happy First Day At Home" flowers.  Isn't he the best?!?!

Before Daddy came home, we took a bath.  Just for fun.

We had a great first day at home and are excited about day two!  We feel so blessed that I am able to stay home with the kids right now.  Hoping for many more good days ahead!


TeamBortzfield said...

So glad you had a great first day! Hoping you all feel much better quick. Don't make us look bad with the dishes. I always have a sinkful and I run the dishwasher everyday. Must be all that made from scratch organic cooking I do? probably not.

Griffin Family said...

I'm so excited for you and your little ones. I know you've been looking forward to this. I'm jealous. I know you're going to get to make so many memories with them.