Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last Day

Today was my last day.

My last day in the "working" world.

My last day to drive 45 minutes each way.

My last day to have to wake up my babies in the morning.

My last day with my sweet those girls!

My last day to make people happy with chicken.

My last day to only see my babies for 90 minutes at night before they have to go to bed.

My last day to carry around two cell phones (one work, one personal.)

My last day to pay someone else do the job I was meant to do.

My last day be a part of helping someone plan a special event.

My last day to get paid to do a job I love.

But tomorrow is my first day.  :)


TeamBortzfield said...

So happy for you I hope your first day goes smoothly.You can make us happy with chicken anytime!

Sarah said...

Oh yay Britt! I'm so excited for you!!!