Saturday, October 9, 2010


Eli was very excited to go see the "pum-a-kins" today.  He is usually very good at pronouncing hard words, but this one was so cute I didn't want to correct him.  :)  We wanted to go to a little church that has had pumkins for sale in the past.  We like that it is never crowded and close by, but we realized upon arrival that they aren't selling pumpkins this year.

So on to Plan B.  We went back to Owens in Richardson.  Last year was our first time there and I think we went in the afternoon so it was very crowded and none of the goats wanted the feed that came with the $7 admission.  This year, we got there right as they opened and the goats were starving!  Eli LOVED feeding them.

Crawling through all the pumpkins.

Took LOTS of pictures...finally got some smiles!

Eli didn't really want to take a "pum-a-kin" home...just wanted to throw them.

He went through this little maze a couple of times, but I think you end up at the right place no matter which path you take.  He thought it was very elementary. :)

"Baby Sisters" as Eli calls her.

Mommy and baby girl

Daddy and Eli walking back to the car.  The admission also included a hay ride (which we opted out of) and a hot dog.  Since Eli was two already, we had to pay for him too.  I wasn't really excited about a hot dog at 10am and Eli doesn't like them, so Stephen ate his and took the other two home.  Eli decided he needed pretzels though.

Just for a little is Eli in October 2008 (3 months) and October 2009 (15 months)


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