Monday, October 11, 2010

6 Months!

It is so hard to believe that our baby girl is 6 months old already!  She is doing so many fun things and we are seeing so much of her little personality these days. 

Jillian loves to play in her exersaucer and jumperoo.  She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth.  We put her on the floor to play with her toys and she ends up across the room!  She rolls and scoots all over the place.  Sometimes she gets a little frustrated if she is on her stomach too long, and even though she knows how to roll onto her back she often cries until we give her a little help.  She still loves to be held and rocked.

J loves to be tickled and will often give you a big belly laugh!  She giggles at mommy and daddy all the time but big brother is the funniest of all!  All he has to do is run over to her and she squeals!  She still loves to be talked and sung to, and is becoming quite the talker herself!

She has started rice cereal and loves it!  We only do one feeding a day but will start two soon.  We have tried green beans and squash but she isn't thrilled about either.  Still no teeth yet but I'm not complaining! :)  They will come soon enough!

Baby girl usually sleeps well and only wakes up if she needs her pacifier.  Since I've been staying home we have been trying to get on a better nap schedule but she isn't much of a napper.  She takes 3-4 short naps a day (usually 20 minutes - 1 hour.)  That makes it hard to get anything done but she is always happy after a nap, even a short one, so I figure she is getting the sleep she needs.

Happy Halfy Birthday baby girl!  We love you!

6 Month Stats:
Height: 27 7/8 in. - 98%
Weight: 16 lbs. 13 oz. - 75%

Here is Jillian at 6 months and at 1 month.


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