Thursday, June 9, 2011

The kids and I spent last week visiting my family in Arkansas.  Jillian and Eli were so happy to see everyone!
Aunt Rachel teaching Jillian how to play the piano.

The kids loved the blow up pool Meemie got for them.

The water was a little cool at first but they got used to it.

She probably drank a gallon of this grassy pool water.  I promise I tried to stop her but there was no getting that bucket away from her.

Sweet girly (who refused to take a nap earlier in the day) fell asleep on Meemie in the shade.  Isn't a nap in the shade after swimming the most wonderful thing?

Getting my tan on with my sister!

Sister playing the drums with messy hair, PJ top, and no pants. lol

Eli, Jillian, and Papa playing the snare drum. 

Eli really loves to play the big drum set upstairs!

He knows all the names of the drums and cymbals.

Mom's birthday was Friday so we ordered this beautiful cake!  Eli LOVED it!

My almost three-year-old. *sniff* *sniff*

Eli and Meemit were playing a little game. :)

It was so funny!

Sweet boy! 

Can't believe I actually got a shot of Eli smiling!!  He never wants his picture taken anymore.

Meemie and Jilly girl.

Papa and Jillian

Mommy's sweet boy!

We had a great time visiting!  See you soon Meemie and Papa!


Adams Plus One said...

So sweet! I particularly like the picture of the nap after swimming. :)

Lauren and Derek said...

Those kiddos are just the cutest! Our friends have that same blow up pool and we got all four adults in it and 2 kids. Its fun!