Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An Afternoon at the Park - Part 2

After a while, we headed over to the splash park.  Eli...who loves to take baths, swim in pools, have water dumped on his head in the bath, etc...didn't even want to walk over to the edge.  Jillian...who likes baths but HATES to have water on her head...ran straight through all the water and didn't stop!
This is her first pass through.  She had no fear!

I couldn't believe she liked it so much!  She kind of took over the place and didn't let the big kids bother her one bit!

She ran through the water with her hands in the air like this a lot, while screaming!  Ha!

This is what Eli looked like most of the time.  There was no convincing him to get anywhere near the water.

Having the time of her life!

I was hoping she wouldn't want to sit and touch the yucky ground, but no such luck!  I love her face though. 


The only thing that would get her out of the water was a snack break.  See the tiny cracker in her hand?

Someone was very upset that brother got to ride, even though she had no idea what it was.

He liked this much better than the water. :)

Daddy helped sister have a turn too.  Cause that's what Daddy does. :)

He finally got out there and got a little wet.  He liked spraying the water, but did NOT want to be sprayed.

Turns out the other kids liked spraying him.  This is him running for his life.

In case you weren't convinced that Jillian really loved the water, check out these videos!


Amy said...

OH.MY.GOSH!!! Jillian could not be any cuter!! She is a wild thang!haha! How fun! LOVE your pictures!!

KarenD said...

This is funny to me because mine kids are the same way! Seth LOVES going to the neighborhood pool. He'll even go UNDERwater without a fuss! But Ian just hovers at the edge and won't let us take him out in the water. Ian is such a dare-devil with all things land-based, so this is so weird to us!

Adams Plus One said...

Great pictures! It looks like a fun splash park, too.