Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Toilet paper tackling

Has anyone heard of this new sport??
It involves getting a bunch of toilet paper from Sams.  Then you have to convince Mommy to let you destroy the toilet paper.

Then you do your best to tackle/hit/throw your body over the toilet paper.

Be sure not to land on your head like this.

Oh yeah...don't forget to jump off of it too!

When you are done, you can try to squeeze your body onto it and take a nap while sister watches.  Anyone else want to play?  :)


KarenD said...

I bought a massive pack of kleenex at Sams today, and my boys played with them like they were blocks!

Albus Adventures said...

Why do we even buy toys? My boys play with random stuff like this too!

Lauren and Derek said...

This is hilarious!