Thursday, June 16, 2011

Here come the Dallas Magarits!

That is what Eli always says.  :)  Stephen was BEYOND excited to get a call from his friend with a ticket to Game 5.  He did a great job taking lots of pictures.
Rowdy - Proud - Loud


A very blurry Alonzo Mourning sitting a few rows in front of Stephen.

National Anthem

Stephen and Ronnie

Game 5 Intro...

Stephen got a couple of extra shirts so we could wear them to watch Game 6.

Eli having shooting practice in his oversized shirt.  See the ball in the basket??   :)

Keeping one eye on the game!

Eli and Daddy in their shirts for the title winning game!  We are so proud of our Mavs!


The Mrs.! said...

I love the perma-smile that my hubby has had all week...Looks like your hubs has it too! So proud of our MAVS!!

Adams Plus One said...

Awesome! Go Eli.. and yea Mavs!

About Liz said...

The last picture is just greatness!!