Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Happenings

Carson and Avery invited us to the Arboretum last week.  It's really beautiful this time of year with all the pumpkins and the weather was great!

My sweet boy.  I had to keep reminding him that pumpkins aren't balls and we can't throw them.

They had so much fun running around looking at all the pumpkin houses.

Little miss.

Sweet Avery!

The only problem with the Arboretum is there is lots of room to run!  This is Eli after trying to run away from the group.

After a while, snacks were the only thing that made her happy.

Trying to get a picture with all four babies.  Can you tell J is in a mood?

Another attempt at a group shot.

I told him not to pick the flowers...and this is what he did.

Later that week, we went to a pumpkin patch at a local church.  It was hot and really sunny!

Meemie and Eli

Meemie, Papa, Jillian and Eli.

Eli after getting his face painted!  I didn't get very many good pictures because it was so sunny and sister was in a terrible mood...again!
Happy Fall Y'all!

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