Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Recap

We started off the weekend by watching the Rangers in the World Series on Friday night.  Eli loves baseball and pretends he is playing while watching the game.

Sister had to have a bat since brother had one.

It was hard to get Eli to look at me while the game was on.  He watches sports almost as well as he watches cartoons.  We were all so sad when they lost.  At least Eli got to go to bed before the horrible ending.

This is my niece Krystyna, who turned ten-years-old on Friday!

10.  Can't believe it!

She had a great part at a place in downtown Plano where all the girls painted their own canvas.  They had a teacher who taught them exactly how to paint the picture that Krystyna picked out.  So cool!

The birthday girl in concentration mode!

Posing with her finished painting.  Isn't she talented??

The Davis Family

My girl posing before church.

Lots of Halloween pics to come!  And I promise I'll play catch up on everything else soon!

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