Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast

Eli and Jillian had a Thanksgiving Feast at MDO last week.
Here is Eli with some of the girls in his class.  Not sure whey he posed this way but it's cute!  They are wearing their Indian shirts and hats that they made.

Here they are lining up to go outside so we can set up their feast!  (Eli is third from left messing with his hat.)

Eli's turkey hand placemat, as he calls it.  I don't think the eyes are in exactly the right place.  lol

The teachers asked all the kids what they are thankful for and here is the list.  Eli is third from top.

Pilgram artwork!

Eli eating with his friends.

Eli and Hannah.  The kids had so much fun eating together (all three older classes.)

My sweet girl.  She was the youngest one in there so they had her in a chair with a tray.  Smart teachers! :)

Little turkey cookies I made for the kids classes and teachers!


Griffin Family said...

Just curious where the kids go to MDO. We are looking for a new MDO for the girls.

Team Davis said...

They got to MDO at First Baptist Plano. I also work in the infant room there. It's a great program!