Friday, December 3, 2010


Stephen got a hankering to make rice krispie treats the other night.  Eli wanted to help.  Not a lot goes into making them, but Eli still had fun. 
Eli's fake smile

Eating his first marshmallow ever. :)

Daddy showed Eli how to drop the marshmallows in and not touch the hot pan.  Can you see his little hand at the top of the picture?

Trying out the Christmas cookie cutters on the rice krispie treats.

Eli loved helping but we couldn't get him eat one.  We told him it was like a cookie, but he still wanted nothing to do with it.  What a funny kid.


TeamBortzfield said...

Do you put the O'Mara's in the treats???
Love the fake smile~

Amy said...

I LOVE Eli's fake smile!! It makes me laugh! : ) Excited to see you guys this weekend!