Monday, December 13, 2010


Last week, our friend Ronnie got Stephen and Eli tickets to a Mavericks game.  It was Eli's first time.  He LOVED it!  He got scared when the lights went out and they announced the players.  Daddy had to get him french fries to make it better.  They made it to half time before Eli got cranky.  He has been running around shooting at his basketball goal and yelling/growling "De-fense" and "Go Mavericks!"

Eli & Daddy heading out to the game!

Eli & boo boo - almost the same height! :)

Shifty eyes

Big smile from the suite!

Eli, his fake smile, and Daddy.  Still a good picture though.  :)

 Lets go Mavericks! (they were still warming up.)


Eating the french fries after the scary introductions.

Look how high I can reach!

Thanks so much for the tickets Ronnie!!

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