Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Adventure with Grandmommy!

Last week we went out to Santa Land in Tyler with Grandmommy to look at all the lights!  We stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel first.  Eli loved his grilled cheese and the singing dog Grandmommy bought him (he sings Christmas songs.)  The weather was great so we rolled down the windows and listened to the designated Christmas music station as we drove through the lights display.  They had some of the lights coordinated with the music.  We went pretty early on a weeknight so there weren't many other cars and we could go at our own pace.  Eli loved it!

 Lights strung through the trees.


We aren't really sure why Santa appears to be naked and taking a bath in that leaf, but the elves seem to be having fun roasting marshmallows.


Eli's favorite - Football and helmet in the sports themed section.

Santa and reindeer!
 Cowboy boot in Texas themed section.

The start of the religious section.  Mary and Joseph coming up to the inn (I think.)  And a palm tree.
Nativity scene.

Jesus ascending.  Position reminded us more of Superman though with his hands and arms straight up in the air.

We had fun Grandmommy!  Thanks for the adventure!

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