Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's Party Time!

On Saturday we had a little baseball party for Eli. He had so much fun at his first birthday! Here are the pics...I found a lady on Etsy who made this invitation for Eli. She is so talented and I highly recommend her! You can visit her site here!

Good morning Mr. One Year Old!

Turns out, Eli LOVES balloons!

New Cardinals books to go with the baseball theme

Jersey cake and Eli's baseball smash cake

You gotta have the cracker jacks!

Eli and his cousins Kymberly and Krystyna!

He wasn't too excited about the party hat...but it is still cute!

Camo outfits!

Eli opening his presents! He got the hang of unwrapping them towards the end.

He loves Elmo!

Playing his new t-ball game with Daddy

Sucking his thumb while we sang Happy Birthday

He wasn't really sure what to think about the cake. He just poked it at first.

After I broke off a piece for him, he got the hang of it.

He REALLY likes cake!

Can't get enough!

He ate quite a bit of the cake but didn't get very messy.

Eli playing with Uncle Scott

Riding the rocking horse that Aunt Liz made! Isn't she so crafty??

Playing with some of his new toys!

He loves his drum set!

It's in his blood :)


The Mills Gang said...

The party looked like it turned out really well! Cute pics!! Love how the cake turned out and love all the adorable decorations! You did great!!

The Richwine Family said...

What an adorable theme you had! The cakes were so cute!!!

Wolfe Blog said...

The party and cakes turned out great! You did a most excellent job! Will you plan Nate and Hailey's next parties???