Friday, July 10, 2009


Eli had his first haircut today! I was worried he might not like it but even though we had to wait 30 minutes he did GREAT!!! He was actually pretty content for most of it. I took tons of pictures...Eli waiting patiently with Mommy

See his long hair in front that is brushed to the side?

He got to sit in a yellow car...which he LOVED!!! I think this, and the fact that Elmo was on the TV in front of him, made all the difference!

His long curls in the back

He is very excited about being the driver!

The lady cutting his hair was very nice and gentle.

He is watching Elmo.

Focusing on the car.

Checking out the new do!

Handsome boy!! He looks like such a big boy!

Now for the spiky hair!

Cool dude!

Daddy and his little man.

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