Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So close!!

Eli has all the movements down for crawling...just needs to put it all together! Here are a few videos of him creeping along. Yes, that is the remote control he is after. It is the one thing he desperately wants to get his hands on so it is the perfect bait!

Stephen and I are going to NYC with some friends next week while Eli spends the week at Aunt Liz and Uncle Keith's house. I just know he is going to get the hang of this while we are gone. :( Maybe Aunt Liz will get some pictures while we are away.


KarenD said...

Little inchworm! Way to go, kiddo!

TeamBortzfield said...

so close! Chloe loves the remote too. I guess she thinks it is my toy since I am always holding it.

L+K+K1+K2 said...

So cute!! Of course we will get pictures AND video. But he'll wait for Mama and Daddy - it's too big of a deal!!!!