Sunday, March 8, 2009

A boy and his dog

One morning last week before Stephen took Eli to school, I just had to get out the camera because our boy was being so sweet with his doggy. :) Of course, they have been in love with each other since we brought Eli home from the hospital on July 20th. But this particular morning as I was getting some pictures of Eli (I'm pretty obsessed with taking pictures, especially of my sweet boy) Pita jumped up on the couch, which she is extremely accustomed to doing, and practically sat on top of Eli. Stephen and I are used to Pita doing this with us. When it is possible, she will sit in between us and do her best to be touching both of us at the same time. She is always sniffing around Eli and licking him (don't judge...her tongue is probably cleaner than most of the stuff Eli puts in his MOUTH and it is just touching his cheek.) I just thought it was sweet that Pita wanted to be just as close to Eli even though he has been hitting her a lot on accident lately when she gets close (he gets too excited!)
Sweet boy, Sweet dog

Pita looks fierce in this picture, but she isn't. That's actually a yawn!

More excitement from Eli, another yawn from Pita.

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TeamBortzfield said...

i love the yawn pic, it looks like they're both yawning!